KMHA has made the decision to field a U11 Female Development team for next season. This decision was based on the results of the U11 Female Rec league this season. We feel that it is better for all involved to go this route. It will challenge the girls that make the development team without forcing them into the integrated stream, while not restricting their ability to develop to the best of their potential. It is better for the girls that play on the Female Rec team by giving them competitive games against the other associations within the OMAHA league. It also benefits girls in other associations with a more competitively balanced OMAHA U11 Female Rec league.

Tryouts for this team will begin with the non-evaluated skates on August 26th and will run simultaneously with the U11 Dev Integrated tryouts. The team will then spend early September finalizing their roster leading to the beginning of competition month which will determine which flight they play in. We expect those exhibition games to begin around the 3rd weekend of September.

Costs for this program will be registration plus $250 to try out. All girls who make the team will also have a carding fee. This fee was $425 last season but hasn’t been reviewed for next season yet.

We will be planning to have a home tournament. This will likely be a smaller event as we are limited to lack of female development teams in the province. We would hope to attract some of the lower mainland teams to an event like this. Our first thought is mid November depending on whether there are already events of this nature elsewhere in the province at that time.

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