You cannot register online until copies of the following documents are provided to Sheena at

New player

  1. New player registration form found here: NEW-PLAYER-REGISTRATION-FORM
  2. Players birth certificate
  3. Players Care Card
  4. Proof of address in Kelowna (ie license, utility bill etc)

Once those documents are provided, Sheena will enter the players information into the Hockey Canada system and provide you with a Hockey Canada ID that you will be able to use to register using the online registration link.


TRANSFERRING PLAYER REQUIREMENTS (Moved within BC or from another province)

1. Move with parent form

2. Players birth certificate

3. Proof of address (rental or purchase agreement)

4. Supporting document (copy of drivers license, utility bill or Canada Post address forward

There will be no participation until the transfer has been approved by OMAHA and BC Hockey as per OMAHA Reg 2002b.


For questions regarding registration please contact Sheena at




KMHA reserves the right to limit the number of goaltenders per division.  Players wishing to participate in our programs as a goaltender MUST make their position request clear on the player application form, failure to do so will result in you being unable to play that position should we have more than 2 goaltenders per team in your specific division.  KMHA will not supply goaltender equipment to players beyond the Atom Division.