You cannot register online until copies of the following documents are provided to Sheena at  New player documents are only accepted once the new season registration opens in June.  Do not send them prior to registration opening on June 5th.


1. New player registration form found here: HCR Registration form 23-24

2. Players birth certificate

3. Players Care Card

4. Proof of address in Kelowna ie license or utility bill (players care card is NOT proof of address)

Once those documents are provided by email, Sheena will enter the players information into the Hockey Canada system and provide you with a Hockey Canada ID that you will be able to use to register using the online registration link.  *Late fees Do Not apply to new players.

TRANSFERRING PLAYER REQUIREMENTS (Moved within BC or from another province)

1. OMAHA Move with parent FORM

2. Purchase, or Rental or Lease agreement (showing new address and possession date)

3. Utility bill (with parent(s) name and new address)

4. If a utility bill is not available, then Canada Post address forwarding request confirmation or receipt

5. Players Birth Certificate

*Move with parent transfers will not by reviewed or approved by the previous association, OMAHA district and BC Hockey unless all required documents are received. 

*There will be no registration or participation until the transfer has been approved by OMAHA and BC Hockey as per OMAHA Reg 2002b.

*Transfers are accepted throughout most of the season.  Mid-season transfer will depend on space available.  Transfers cannot be submitted from Feb 10th to May 30th.  Late fees do not apply to transferring players

For questions regarding provincial, USA, international, or student exchange transfers please contact Sheena at