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*Important Coaching Clinic Information


We do reimburse for all courses upon completion.  That means for coach clinics, all post task items must be complete before you can submit your receipt.  Post task includes coach 2 workbook, Dev 1 written assignment, Dev 1 MED, and Dev 1 field evaluation.  Please do not email asking when you will receive your reimbursement.  Cheques are printed, signed by a board member and then mailed out.  Sheena does not give a timeline on reimbursement due to the already high volume of emails.  Receipts can be submitted to Sheena or


For U7/U9 – Coach 1 clinic is required

There is a Coach1/Coach2 prerequisite that needs to be completed prior to signing up for the Coach 1 clinic.  When registering for the coach 1 clinic, set the category to ‘coach’ and from the qualification drop down menu choose *COACH 1 – INTRO TO COACH and then all the dates and times that are available will populate.


For U11 to U18 recreation – Coach 2 is required

If you have not done coach 1 clinic, then you will need to complete the coach1/coach2 prerequisite prior to taking the coach 2 clinic.  When registering for coach 2, set the category to ‘coach’ and from the qualification drop down menu choose *COACH 2 – COACH LEVEL - -

*Note: Head coaches of these divisions also require the checking component.  The link to this module is provided in the information when registering for the coach 2 clinic.


For U13 to U18 Rep – Development 1 is required

There are two portions to this clinic and multiple post task items.

For part one set the category to ‘coach’ and from the qualification drop down menu, choose


Part 2 is an in person/on ice portion of the clinic, to register set the category to ‘coach’ and set the session format to ‘in person’ and locations and dates will populate.  You must complete part one before you can register for the part 2 in person portion.

Post task requirements include; a field evaluation, a written assignment and MED (making ethical decisions).  Post task must be complete to receive certification.