Please see the information below regarding registration for the upcoming season!

We are almost there!!!


  1. Hockey University (Officiating 1/2)
    •  The online course (modules) for NEW officials is NOW available for registration on the new Hockey Canada Registry Website.
    • All NEW officials will be required to complete this course before being eligible to register for a new officials’ certification clinic.
    • Registration for Hockey University can be found HERE or by visiting:
  1. the BC Hockey Clinics page
  2. By visiting the BC Hockey Officiating ‘Getting Started Page
  1. NEW Officials Clinics:
    • We expect to open the clinic host request intake form at the Start of SEPTEMBER and advise MHAs to plan their clinic delivery for some time after September 24, 2021.
    • Further information will be provided once we are able to begin taking clinic requests.

Additional Information:

    • As previously communicated, clinics for NEW officials will be delivered in-person.
    • All curriculum for NEW officials’ clinics will be provided to the MHA RIC upon the creation of their registration link.
    • All curriculum material is pre-recorded in two (2) available formats:
  1. YouTube Playlist (which will require an internet connection during the clinic) or
  2. Via OneDrive files, which will have each individual pre-recorded module in downloadable mp4 format for offline delivery.
    • Instruction: MHA RICs or a Senior official appointed by the MHA RIC will be eligible to deliver the clinic to the NEW Officials.
    • Upon requesting to host a NEW officials’ clinic, an instructor must be identified and that instructor will be eligible to submit a $65.00 honoraria to BC Hockey, upon the conclusion of the clinic.
    • MHAs will also receive a $7.50 host grant for each clinic registrant to assist in covering costs of hosting the clinic.
  1. Re-Certification Clinics:
    • All officials with previous Hockey Canada Officiating experience are considered ‘Returning officials’ and are eligible to participate in a re-certification clinic.
    • ALL re-certification clinics for returning officials will be delivered virtually for the 2021-2022 season.
    • Clinic registrations will be open in the coming week and delivery will begin as early as September 4 until December, 2021.
    • Once posted, clinics will be available HERE for registration.
    • All officials that were registered during the 2020-2021 season have received a credit of $74.00 on their Hockey Canada Participant account, to apply towards their registration for the 2021-2022 season at the point of checkout.
  1. NOTE: Officials that registered as U9 officials in 2020-2021 ($26.25) have received a credit in the amount paid last season ($26.25)
  2. NOTE: Officials that registered in 2020-2021 but did NOT pay the Participant Assessment fee (insurance) and were not registered as a player or team official have received a $50.00 credit.
    • ALL officials that were registered during the 2020-2021 season are currently eligible to officiate games. They WILL be required to attend a clinic this season but do not have to do so before going on the ice.
    • Any officials that were NOT registered during the 2020-2021 season but have previous Hockey Canada Officiating experience, will be eligible to attend the online re-certification clinics but they WILL be required to pay the standard registration rates and applicable participant assessment fee (if necessary).
    • In early August information was circulated identifying all the officials that require a NEW Criminal Record Check (CRC). As a reminder, these CRCs are required prior to registration for a clinic. The process to complete these is outlined HERE
  1. HiSport Assigning:
    • We are continuing to work with HiSport on preparing the assigning function of this platform for use at the Minor Hockey level.
    • We anticipate to be able to provide resources and training sessions in Late September to early October.


We are very excited about these next steps towards the 2021-2022 season! We appreciate everyone’s patience and dedication to officiating the game of hockey. We will continue to provide important updates on these and other topics as they continue to develop.


2021 – 2022 Hockey Season (BC Hockey)

Hey Group!

We are getting ready to ramp up for hockey season! Sounds like we will be running full steam and ‘back to normal’ Exciting times for not only the players, parents, but the officials as well.

Below are some of the high lights from my meeting with BC Hockey last Thursday.

I will keep you all updated as I receive more information. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have in the meantime.

Here is to a GREAT season on the ice!!

Larry Lenarduzzi

Kelowna Minor Hockey Association

Referee in Chief


*** No on ice protocols at all relating to COVID ***

Everything returns to normal

All official that where registered for the 2020-2021 will receive a $74.00 credit for registration.

New Cost:           Level 1 - $13       Level 2 - $23       Level 3 - $24

You will still be charged the player assessment fee if you are not playing.

We will now be accepting 11 year old officials this season. They will be able to register at a substantial discount. They will only be permitted to officiate the U9 level for the current year.

No age restrictions this year on level promotion. Level 1’s can be promoted by the RIC as long as they have at least 2 years of experience. They do not have to wait till they are 6. Same with Level 2’s hoping to move to 3. We can promote mid season.

For the coming season – the level classifications are slightly different..

Level 1  -              U9 – U13 Rec, U13 Comp

Level 2 -              U13 – U21 Rec, U13 – U15 Comp

Level 3 -              U18 – U21 Comp, U15AAA – U18AAA

Level 4  -              U18AAA – Jr and Sr

Level 5  -              Major Junior, National, International

Level 6  -              No longer available.

Level 1,2,3 are now the Developmental Stages. Level 4,5 are now High Performance Stages

We will be using the Hi Sports application for assigning. More info to follow…

Larry Lenarduzzi (250) 863 - 8880 Referee in Chief
Ward Pateman (250) 864 - 7397 U18 Rep
U15 Rep
U13 Rep
Dave Houghton (250) 212 - 0178 U18 Recreational
U15 Recreational
Melissa Brunn (250) 682 - 5218 U18 Female Rep
U15 Female Rep
U13 Female Rep
Kirin Moorman (250) 300 - 6877 U13 Recreational
U11 Rep
U11 Recreational
U9 Recreational
Ward Pateman (250) 864 - 7397 Senior Mentorship
Derek Lang (250) 819 - 5490 Junior Mentorship
Larry Lenarduzzi (250) 863 - 8880 Payroll - Officials


Official Pay Rates


U7/U9 $22 + 22 (2 refs)
U11 Rec $27 + 27 (2 refs)
U11 Dev $37 + 27 + 27 (3 refs)
U13 Rec $32 + 32 (2 refs)
U13 Rep $37 + 27 + 27 (3 refs)
U15 Rec $42 + 37 + 37 (3 refs)
U15 Rep $42 + 37 + 37 (3 refs)
U18 Rec $47 + 42 + 42 (3 refs)
U18 Rep $47 + 42 + 42 (3 refs )

Rep includes boys and girls.


a) Games that only one official does alone, official will get both linesman allocation.

b) Play off game commitments ( ie:3rd game) committed and then cancelled ½ the fee paid.

c) You must give 24 hours notice on game cancellations.

d) Games missed are cause for suspension and loss of  a game fee. ( fine )

e) Games that are assigned and Officials make it to the Rink and no teams shows up or cancelled within 36 hours, the Officials will be paid.

f) Early morning games before 8:00 am will have a $10.00 premium.

g) Friday games before 5 pm, two or 3 man, will receive 1.5  x the game  fee.

Note: any pay issue’s/questions please e-mail Larry Lenarduzzi at

** If the game you do is short an official, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILTY to contact the assignor and make him aware. The assignor will then make the adjustment for you to be paid properly. We do not rely on the game sheets.

*** If you fill in for someone last minute, or do a game you were not scheduled for, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILTY to contact the assignor and make him aware. Don't ever assume that someone else will look after it for you.