*** More than dropping Pucks ***
Kelowna Minor Hockey Association is hosting their LAST CHANCE official’s clinic.
November 25th, 2021, 6pm – 9pm
Mission Community Hall (Small Building) 4409 Lakeshore Road

All new officials that are coming, must first complete the online Hockey University program. You
can register with the link below. All new officials over 18 years of age, must complete a Criminal
Record Check before registering for the clinic. The link also is listed below.
(must be at least 12 years old to register)

Once you have completed your Hockey University, you must register for the in-person clinic.
Level 1: https://register.hockeycanada.ca/clinic-details/1ec46436-61c5-6858-bdc8-06173abd286a
Level 2 16-17: https://register.hockeycanada.ca/clinic-details/1ec46449-f4c9-620e-b6f0-0200963e0a9c
Level 2 18+: https://register.hockeycanada.ca/clinic-details/1ec4644f-1290-63fa-840f-0200963e0a9c

Any Questions? Please contact me!
Larry Lenarduzzi
Kelowna Minor Hockey Association Referee in Chief (250) 863 – 8880

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