The following people have put their names forward for KMHA board positions

3rd Vice President

Dylan Michie
I was born in to hockey. My grandfather, John Michie, was one of the first Presidents of Westside Minor Hockey, leading to him becoming the President of Okanagan Hockey, as well as BC Hockey for over 25 years. In his time there, he was instrumental in creating the stop sign on the back of all minor hockey jersey’s across Canada, winning multiple association of the year awards, and creating a safe and successful place for kids across not only the Okanagan but all over BC to play the game every Canadian Loves. My Grandfather also played a large part in bringing the Warriors to West Kelowna near the end of his time. My Grandfather was granted Lifetime membership to Okanagan hockey even though he has since passed for his dedication and love for Minor hockey. This continued with my father, Jay Michie, who for the better part of 30 years has volunteered his time to Minor Hockey, either as a Director or coaching minor teams, at all age groups. It would give me great honor to be able to achieve half of what my family has accomplished in Minor Hockey, and I would be thrilled to be able to be re-voted in as 3rd Vice President.
Being born and raised on the Westside, I spent all of my minor hockey playing time with Westside Minor Hockey until I went to play a year of Junior A hockey with the Penticton Vees at the age of 16. I feel fortunate to have experienced tremendous coaching in my time spent in minor hockey, teaching and developing us much in the same way as Kelowna Minor Hockey does now by bringing in skating instructors, as well as the amazing volunteer coaches, leading to us being very successful in all the seasons I’ve spent here. This experience led me to my transition to Junior A which further built not only my on-ice knowledge, but my off-ice knowledge as well.
Today, my oldest son plays minor hockey in Kelowna, and there is no better time for me now than when I get to spend it in the stands watching him play and develop as his own player, much the same as I did when I was his age. His first year in initiation I was his team manager, but after the birth of our daughter, I felt that time could be better spent helping my wife-to-be at home. Now with my little girl getting older I decided that year was the time to once again step up as I successfully ran for 3rd Vice President. I have successfully completed 1 year as the 3rd Vice President at Kelowna Minor Hockey and helped navigate the association through these troubling times. In my first year as a board member, we were successfully able to keep all our boys and girls on the ice throughout the year while most provinces were shut down. We were able to adapt to each new situation that came our way from health restrictions, and as a board were able to provide the best possible outcome which each hurdle that was thrown our way. One of the biggest accomplishments as a board member this year for myself was being able to give something back to all the members that help make this association tick, without all our wonderful members there is no Kelowna Minor Hockey so it felt great to be able to be a part of giving back to all of you!
For these reasons, I feel that I must continue to impart the knowledge others have given me and play an integral part in the development of all the players that make their way through Kelowna Minor Hockey and would be honored to have the support of the members for another run on the board! I have some very exciting programs that I have been working on in the background that, with Covid-19 Permitting I will be bringing to the board this year to try and implement for all of our children. Hockey has played such a huge role in my development as a person and as my family says, “Football, Baseball and Soccer are sports. Hockey is a lifestyle.” With this sentiment in mind, I wish to put myself forward for the transition into the role of 3rd Vice-President of Kelowna Minor Hockey.
Dylan Michie

Rob Mutch
First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my bio and give me the opportunity to briefly explain why I feel I would be a suitable candidate for the position of 3rd Vice President. I’ve never been one to enjoy shining a spotlight on myself so this is a bit uncomfortable however it is an election so I’ll need to put my best foot forward for those who don’t already know me.
I have been around hockey all my life and currently have two children in KMHA, a 2009 son and a 2012 daughter. Over the past 7 seasons our family has been on 11 different KMHA hockey teams and I have helped out on almost all of them in one capacity or another, I will rarely miss even a practise. We have been on house teams, development teams and an all girls team, so my experience within KMHA has been quite diverse. Last season because of numbers the second year novice girls were unable to move up to the all girls atom teams. I saw the problem/situation and was responsible for the development of 2 all girls teams in the Novice division which KMHA had not previously offered. I also helped start an all girls 2012 spring team, something that the organization had not offered to 8 year old girls before. Both projects were very successful. In addition to organizing that team, I was invited by the board of the spring league to join their board of directors, which I have done. I also started a group page this past season called the Kelowna Minor Hockey Community in an attempt to provide information to our membership that was not being shared by the KMHA board. Since then I have been posting the minutes from the monthly board meetings for everyone to have access to. Shortly after I started posting the minutes KMHA also started posting them, something that should have been happening all along. Transparency is key to a successful organization. Beginning in November I began working with the KMHA board and the president of OMAHA to incorporate some important changes to the operation of both house and rep leagues within KMHA. Many of these changes are occurring and I believe given a board position I will be better able to implement change.
My educational and business background consists of 8 years post secondary education. During my undergraduate I was on the Deans List and was also named an Academic All-Canadian, competing in two varsity sports at the same time while completing my degree. From there, I went on to complete my professional degree and graduated with Clinical Honours. I moved to Kelowna 18 years ago and started a multi-disciplinary health clinic and grew it to the most diverse health center in Kelowna and one of the largest in the province. We have done things that no one else had done before because it was outside the box. It has been very rewarding bringing different practitioners together with different views and marrying them collectively to provide patient centered care. Everyone is on the same level, there is no room for an ego in that type of setting. I have extensive knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of concussions and sports injuries. I work with athletes of all types and ages, primarily hockey players including Junior B, Junior A, College, WHL, AHL, Professionals playing over seas and of course many NHL players. This has been rewarding work. However, the aspect of my career that I am most proud of (or perhaps grateful for), is that I have had the same business partners for 18 years and the same office manager for 16 years. These long relationships demonstrate a strong ability to communicate and work together towards a common goal. Working with thousands of patients and a large staff has allowed me to polish my communication skills and become refined in the skill of relationship building. I am accustom to advocating for our patients to ensure they receive the care they are entitled to while also acting as an impartial expert witness in court for these same cases. I will always stand up for what is right, but also have the experience and ability to separate myself from any personal bias towards the situation at hand. Lastly, I should also mention that my professional association has also requested I join that board of directors because of my strong leadership characteristics and ability to bring people together.
On a personal level I am happily married to a hockey mom. I have had the honour of being chosen as the best man 4 times for friends weddings and have been asked twice to be the godfather for friends’ children, 6 separate families in total. These are not decisions people make lightly and demonstrate their deep trust in my character.
I will never stand up in a room and think I have the most hockey experience, the highest IQ or the most board experience because I don’t. However, I do feel I have a well rounded resume of hockey, education, business, personal relationships and getting shit done. Oh and did I mention my wife throws a kick-ass hockey party which we look forward to getting back to ASAP!
Thank you so much for your support. I wish all the best to anyone else running for this position. The more choice the membership has will ultimately lead to a stronger board benefiting all the players.
Integrity, Communication, Transparency, these are attributes of a successful organization.

Director at Large

Dan MacLeod
Our family has been with KMHA since 2010, both of our kids having started playing at Initiation. I spent many enjoyable years coaching them both but around 5-6 years ago I realized that I had very little to offer on the ice skill wise and an opportunity to contribute as a KMHA board member presented itself. I continued to coach a bit longer as it’s an amazing experience and we’ve met so many great families. My area of focus over the last several years has been our female program. Many consider our program to be one of the best in the province, not only measured by performance but also by registration numbers and opportunities for all female teams. This is a testament to the amazing parent groups we have and the talented and dedicated coaches within the female program. I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside a board and an executive staff that is fully committed to providing the best possible experience for our female players. I am running this year for director at large and it is my hope that our elected board will continue to dedicate this position to ongoing efforts to support and promote our female program.

Lisa Murray
As a mother, spouse and 20-year Human Resources professional with a Bachelor of Management degree & over 10 years management consulting experience, you can utilize my experience hosting fundraising events, representing others’ viewpoints, recruiting, mediating and developing bursaries and scholarships.
We have lived in Kelowna on and off for over 7 years. I love the Okanagan lifestyle which enhances any sports players. As a past soccer (Recreation: U5, U7 & U9) and basketball (Competitive: Grade 10/U17 girls) coach, team manager and referee – I’ll be able to bring expertise from other sports. I’ve played soccer continuously for over 35 years and had the opportunity to travel to different countries to play. Finding a balance between the needs of recreational and competitive divisions will be imperative.
I enjoy giving back to the community, ways I’ve done this include being past President for the Rotary Centre for the Arts and Board Member; we succeeded in smart decisions to place RCA back in black financially after 4 years and Kelowna Yacht Club Board Member; we added the social category and increased memberships & fees; as well as on the HR Advisory Board with Mount Royal University (Calgary); we introduced an endowment scholarship with annual awards. I appreciate the importance of annual budgets and reviewing monthly financial reports for variances, ensuring transparency. I understand how my actions and those of others impact the Association’s culture and players’ conduct. With my experience reviewing, approving/ declining applications, and investigating & recommending actions for poor behaviour, I can liaise well with others and explain decisions.
Hockey isn’t just about the game, it is about building character, understanding how to work in a team, learning when to lead and when to follow, the camaraderie and the opportunity to build life-long friendships.
Thanks and regards,

Jon Morrison
Jon Morrison is a managing director of a local development and general contracting company in the Okanagan Valley. The strength of his business is based on the core principles of listening, communication, honesty, dedication and transparency. These are the same fundamentals that he will use in transitioning into the role of Director at Large for the membership of Kelowna Minor Hockey.
Prior to his professional business career Jon was a student athlete at the University of Windsor where he was a member of the 1997 – 1998 Queen’s Cup Championship, a first in school history. The team competed in back to back CIS hockey championships and was inducted into the University of Windsor Alumini sports hall of fame in 2018.
Jon has continued this success in a different way by carrying the life experiences learned from his minor, junior and university hockey days to the role of coaching within the Kelowna Minor Hockey system for the past 5 years. His passion is not only to watch these young players become better hockey players, but also watching them become better siblings, teammates, students and children.
If you are interested in more detail of how I will best serve you on the Kelowna Minor Hockey board please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Bruce Campbell
Bruce has extensive experience serving various board of director roles in a variety of not for profit and profit businesses. He currently sits as the 4th Vice President for the Kelowna Heat Spring Hockey club and director for TSX Venture listed Decisive Dividend Corporation.
Bruce has enjoyed playing hockey since he was 5 years old where he played at the rep level in the Grande Prairie Minor Hockey Association; he continues to enjoy playing the game to date.
Bruce has also volunteered as a coach for Kelowna Minor Hockey since 2014 where he has coached at the U7 level through to the U11 development level.

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