Posted by Kelowna Minor Hockey Association on Jul 24 2016 at 09:29AM PDT

The objective of this communication is to inform parents of Atom aged girls as to the intended league structure for 2016/2017. Pending registration results, Atom Girls may be tiered into two teams for the 2016/2017 season. The stronger group would play in the Atom Division with the other group playing in the Novice Division.

Hockey Canada has mandated that all Associations play half ice at the Novice level due to the over whelming evidence that players at that level improve their technical skills much quicker using a smaller ice surface. As a result, the Atom Girls playing at the Novice level would be using half ice for games. The Atom Girls playing at the Atom Division level would be using full ice.

The decision to potentially tier the Atom girls for the 2016/2017 season was made after consultation with parents, coaches, BC Hockey representatives and other stakeholders. The development and retention of the player was the key priority in the decision making process. More information will be communicated at a later date as to the evaluation process that will be used to tier the girls.

It should be noted that as of June 30th, there was enough Atom Girls registered to make up one team only. If registration levels result in only one Atom Girls team, a decision will be made at a later date as to the most suitable level of competition based on the skill level of the girls registered.

For further information please contact the Kelowna Minor Hockey office.