Tim Hortons Kelowna Locations

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Atom Transitional Plan

Novice Lutz teams play all of their games at OIC, KMHA is fortunate to have a smaller size ice surface allowing all Novice Lutz players to get used to playing on a rink where the faceoff circles and lines are all in their normal place on the ice. This helps prepare the players for their move into Atom the following season. KMHA plans to have referees on the ice in February to further help with learning the rules of the game, as well as give our young referees some valuable experience. 

Novice Lutz Director Kendra Stewart novicelutzdir@kelmha.com


The importance of playing on smaller surfaces and small area games

Hockey Canada and BC Hockey have mandated smaller ice surfaces for Initiation and Novice. The videos below help explain the reason for playing on a smaller ice surface at younger ages.