Tim Hortons Kelowna Locations

160 Hollywood Rd N

1694 Powick Rd

 2380 Hwy 97 N
 2090 Harvey Ave
 Orchard Park Mall, 2271 Harvey Ave
 3491 Sexsmith Rd
 1936 Kane Rd
 1901 Harvey Ave
 3255 Lakeshore Rd
 3135 Gordon Dr


Novice Evans Schedule

Practice Schedule:

Team 1 (Morley/Watkins) & Team 2 (Millard/Williams)

  Monday 4:15 – 5:15 pm, Memorial

Team 3 (Eberle/Vucurevich) & Team 4 (MacLean/McCagherty)

  Tuesday 4:15 – 5:15 pm, Memorial

Team 5 (Mellus) & Team 6 (Cousins/Edwards)

  Wednesday 4:15 – 5:15 pm, Memorial

Practices begin tomorrow (Monday, October 2nd for Team 1 & Team 2).  



Novice Evans Half Ice

Novice Evans will be playing half ice games this season. Half ice has the boards on the Center Red line, with a game played in each half. Novice Evans uses smaller nets. All Novice games within BC are to be played this way. There are significant penalties for associations who do not follow the mandated ice sizes for Novice.

Novice Evans

Name Coach Schedule
Novice Evans Blue Thunder LEAH WALTON  Schedule
Kelowna Ice Gators SCOTT MILLARD  Schedule
Novice Evans 3 - Golden Knights WILSON EBERLE  Schedule
Novice Evans 4 - Rattlesnakes Christine Gariepy  Schedule
Novice Evans 5 TARA SAUER  Schedule
Whiskeyjacks (Team 6) Sarah Bendall  Schedule
Novice Evans Evaluation  Schedule