Minor Midget Details



BC Hockey Announces Minor Midget League Program Details


BC Hockey has announced that beginning in the 2018-2019 season, it will operate a Minor Midget League for 15 year-old players starting with the 2003 birth year.

The Minor Midget League gives an opportunity for 15 year-old players to develop with other athletes of the same age.

The Minor Midget League will align and affiliate with the Major Midget League (MML). Ten (10) teams will play in the Minor Midget League in the same geographic regions of the MML teams with the exception of the Kootenay Zone.


The Minor Midget League season will consist of 30 regular season games and eight (8) teams qualify for the playoffs. The league will take several weekend breaks to allow teams to host or participate in tournaments.

To participate in the Minor Midget League, an evaluation camp will occur in conjunction with the MML spring evaluation camps. Participants may only attend the evaluation camp in the zone of their permanent residence. Participants can tryout for both the MML and/or the Minor Midget League at the same time should the player wish.





Kootenay region players who do not receive a roster commitment to the MML team following the Kootenay Ice spring evaluation camp, are eligible to register to attend the Prospects Camp that will be held June 1-3, 2018 at the Langley Sportsplex. These players are eligible to tryout for other MML teams outside their home zone.

Below is the cost breakdown of the Minor Midget League fees for the 2018-2019 season:

·         $5,999.00 which includes:

§  accommodation and transportation for league games

§  BC Hockey administration cost

§  championship

§  coach development

§  ice time (three (3) hours of practice ice/game ice)

§  equipment

o   uniforms, pant shell, team socks

o   helmet

o   gloves

o   work out shirt and short

o   team hoodie

o   team stylized track pants

§  exhibition games/evaluation process

§  league website

§  officiating fees

§  on and off-ice training

§  team staff honourarium

§  team trainer

§  team supplies (video, pucks, water bottles, coaching material)



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