2018-19 Registration Info

KMHA is participating in a pilot registration process with Hockey Canada and TeamSnap. As this is something new both for us administrating it and you using it, there is bound to be a bit of a learning curve. The biggest changes are that you will need your child’s Hockey Canada ID number for online registration, and the addition of credit card fee charges.

 Please click on the link to go to the website for all registration instructions.


 The 2018/19 Fee Schedule is here:


Should you have trouble with any of the registration process, please email Steve at execdir@kelmha.com

As we expect a fair amount of volume with questions about the new process, please do not phone the office, please use the email.

New and transferring player registration can be done at the KMHA office beginning Monday June 4. All the necessary forms can be found under the registration tab on the website.